Pre-fill invitee information on Calendly's scheduling page

May 7, 2024

When it comes to scheduling appointments, Calendly is the preferred choice for many professionals. But did you know that you can pre-fill information about your guests before they make an appointment?

In this article, I'll explain how pre-filling informations works and why it's so convenient. If you use this strategy, there's a good chance you'll receive more appointments, your invitees will make fewer mistakes, and you'll also save them time.

Why pre-fill invitee information?

Imagine: you're inviting people to a meeting or webinar. Because you already have some data, such as name and email, you can pre-fill this information. Additionally, users can easily adjust the filled information, with all changes syncing directly with your CRM system. Practical, right?

Calendly's scheduling page with pre-filled invitee information.
Calendly's scheduling page with pre-filled invitee information.

Benefits of pre-populating invitee information

  1. Enhanced user experience: Your invitees get a personalized experience when they visit your scheduling page. Their name, email, and other details are already filled in, making it easy for them to book a meeting or appointment.
  2. Increased conversion rates: Streamlining the scheduling process often results in a higher number of appointment bookings. With fewer barriers, invitees are more inclined to complete the remaining fields and confirm their appointments.
  3. Reduced errors: Pre-filling information reduces the chance of mistakes like typos in email addresses or phone numbers. This ensures you get accurate contact details, reducing the chance of missed communications.
  4. Time savings for invitees: Invitees don't have to waste time manually entering their information, saving them time and effort, especially for recurring appointments.
  5. Professionalism: Providing a seamless booking experience shows you value your invitees' time. It reflects positively on your professionalism and attention to detail.

How to add invitee information to your Calendly link

  1. Start by finding the event type in Calendly that you want to use.
  2. Select "Copy link".
  3. Open an email or text editor and paste the link you copied. For example:
  4. If your link doesn't already have a variable attached, add "?" to the end of the link. This signifies the start of the parameters.
  5. Add a variable name (the type of information you want to pre-fill) followed by the user's information (the value). For instance, to include the invitee's name, use: name=John%20Doe. Your link will look like this:
  6. To separate words with spaces, use "%20". For example, for the location, use: location=Conference%20room.
  7. To add more variables, use "&" followed by additional variables and values. For example:

Note: Since personal information is displayed in the link address, be cautious about who has access to the link.

Calendly's event types page showcasing the location to copy the event type link.
Copy the event type link from Calendly's overview page.

Examples of information you can add to your Calendly link

  • Name: name=John%20Doe
  • First name: first_name=John
  • Last name: last_name=Doe
  • Email:
  • Additional guests:,,...
  • Location: location=Conference%20room (physical address) or location=+15551234567 (phone number)
  • Checkboxes: a1=2,3 (selecting checkboxes 2 and 3 for custom question 1)
  • Radio Buttons: a2=2 (selecting radio button 2 for custom question 2)
  • Custom question responses: a3=Example%20text (response to custom question 3)

Note: You cannot pre-fill the 'other' option where invitees can fill in their own text on a checkbox or radio button.

Automate pre-filled invitee information

Integrating marketing automation tools, such as ActiveCampaign, streamlines the pre-population of invitee information seamlessly. The process closely resembles the manual setup discussed earlier, with a slight variation in how the parameters are appended to the Calendly link.

Instead of specifying the actual values directly (e.g., name=John%20Doe or, you'll use placeholders like %FULLNAME% and %EMAIL%.

Your chosen marketing automation tool will dynamically replace these placeholders with the corresponding contact information when generating the Calendly link. For example: This dynamic approach ensures accurate pre-filled details, enhancing the scheduling experience for invitees.


Incorporating invitee information pre-population on Calendly's scheduling page is the key to an efficient, error-free, and professional scheduling experience. With enhanced user engagement, increased conversion rates, and valuable time savings, this feature empowers you to take control of your appointments and meetings.

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