About me

Hello, my name is Hans! I am excited about how technology can improve our lives. For me, it means the freedom to be able to work anywhere, help people worldwide and have more time for my passions, such as travel, photography and my family.

As a child, I enjoyed coming up with clever solutions. I distinctly remember how I attached a rope to my bedroom door handle. Whenever my parents came in uninvited, the rope activated a message on my walkman telling them that they did not have access to my room. 😀

A combined image featuring a nostalgic young Hans van der Klok holding a vintage telephone to his ear (left) and a more reserved Hans van der Klok posing with a wristwatch and a toy car in his hand (right).

In 1995, when I was 12, I used a small handheld computer to store addresses and notes. Two years later, I got one of the first digital watches that could scan phone numbers from a computer screen using bar codes. I loved trying out new technologies and discovering how they made my life easier.

When I was 16, in 2000, I left for the United States for a gap year. I stayed with a host family in Washington state, near Seattle, a wonderful place where I gained many new experiences. At school, I discovered my passion for photography and videography. Telling stories through new technologies brought me great joy.

A combined image of Hans van der Klok confidently posing against a stunning mountain backdrop (left) and actively filming with a video camera while wearing headphones (right).

After returning to the Netherlands, I completed my high school education and enrolled in the Audiovisual Media program at the Utrecht School of the Arts, where I received my Bachelor of Design. I chose a career in video production, which I enjoyed for 10 years.

Together with my colleagues, I had the opportunity to work on great projects, both national and international, and on unique locations, ranging from a Turkish boat cruise to on top of a Mammoth crane. I have worked with large and small companies, with famous and less famous people. It was varied and fun work.

A combined image featuring Hans van der Klok and his two colleagues posing in the video production studio (left) and Hans proudly posing outside his video production studio, with his name prominently displayed on the facade (right).

I was constantly looking for smarter working methods, including automating the process for finding new customers, digitizing the quotation process, and managing projects, hours, and budgets in clear dashboards.

I also enjoyed experimenting with new security systems, such as a system that dispersed mist in the event of an alarm. This proved to be very useful when there was an actual break-in. Watch the video below to see what happened! Note: the sound of the video is quite loud due to clinking glass, so it's a good idea to turn your volume down a bit. 😄

As I discovered how to streamline and automate more processes, my desire for more freedom grew: the freedom to work when and where I wanted.

Since 2018, I started to develop online courses, sharing my insights on doing business more efficiently thanks to the use of smart technologies. This move brought me the freedom I was looking for: I could work anywhere and manage everything independently. Best of all, I only had to create the courses once and could then sell them multiple times.

Hans van der Klok sits behind his laptop and audio recording microphone, looking towards the camera with a whiteboard of notes in the background.

It's my passion to automate workflows down to the smallest details, giving you more free time, improving customer experiences, and growing your revenue.

Are you curious as to how I can help? Discover my free articles and videos, explore my interactive courses, or let's meet in person for personal guidance.

I look forward to hearing from you!