Calendly: The Ultimate Guide to Efficient Scheduling

Maximize scheduling efficiency with Calendly's power.

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Hans van der Klok
Process Optimization Specialist
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Tired of endless emailing back and forth when scheduling appointments? Discover how Calendly gives you more control, peace and freedom in your calendar.

Calendly is the preferred choice for many professionals and teams worldwide. Your colleagues, prospects and clients can schedule their own appointments in your calendar at the times you make available. But ... how do you get the most out of this tool so that it saves you hours of time each week?

For every level

This course teaches you not only the basics of smart calendar scheduling, but also advanced strategies for using Calendly effectively, with the goal of creating peace of mind and freedom in your calendar.

You will learn how to create and manage different types of appointments, ranging from one-on-one meetings to group meetings and from webinars to date pickers.

Smarter use of your time

Also discover how to differentiate between your ideal clients and less suitable contacts as early as the planning process, so that you immediately know where to put your energy and where not to.

Learn how to integrate Calendly optimally on your website and other channels, and create workflows that save you a lot of time.

Advanced features

For the advanced user, classes focus on advanced features such as routing forms, automatic call distribution between colleagues, setting up automated reminders via email and text message, reducing no-shows and integrations with tools such as Stripe, Paypal, ActiveCampaign, Make, Zapier and more.

This course provides a comprehensive look at efficient calendar management with Calendly. This will not only help you use your time more effectively, but also make your customers happy by helping them faster and better.

About me

I'm Hans, an enthusiastic lover of smart working, automated workflows and a healthy work-life balance. I would like to share the knowledge I have gained in more than 20 years as an entrepreneur with you in this course.

Will you join me?

Take control of your time and take the next step toward a more structured and productive life.

Sign up now for the waiting list and be the first to receive all the information as soon as the course is available!

Still have questions? Send me a message, and I'll be happy to help.

Discover what Calendly has to offer by exploring the 8 modules and 35 lessons in this course, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its features.

Module 1: Introduction to Calendly

  • Understanding Calendly's key features and benefits
  • Choosing the right Calendly plan
  • Setting up your Calendly account
  • Customizing your Calendly scheduling page

Module 2: Event creation and management

  • Types of events in Calendly
  • Creating one-on-one meetings
  • Creating group meetings
  • Managing collective meetings
  • Setting up round robin meetings
  • Organizing one-off meetings
  • Conducting meeting polls
  • Event preferences and customization
  • Utilizing custom fields and attendee questions
  • Managing event schedules and availability
  • Automated email reminders for attendees

Module 3: Scheduling with Calendly

  • Sharing your Calendly scheduling link
  • Scheduling appointments with clients and attendees
  • Managing attendees and responses
  • Team scheduling strategies

Module 4: Calendly integration and communication

  • Embedding Calendly on your website
  • Sending event invitations via email

Module 5: Advanced features and integrations

  • Integrating Calendly with video conferencing tools
  • Pre-populating fields for efficiency
  • Adding branding colors to your link
  • Utilizing routing forms
  • Configuring the cancellation policy

Module 6: Automation and integration with other tools

  • Setting up workflows and automations
  • Collecting payments with PayPal or Stripe
  • Leveraging Calendly's reporting and analytics
  • Integrating with ActiveCampaign for seamless workflow
  • Automating tasks with Make integrations
  • Automating tasks with Zapier integrations

Module 7: Best practices for Calendly

  • Optimizing your Calendly experience
  • Strategies for maximizing Calendly's features

Module 8: Conclusion and next steps

  • Recap and key takeaways from the course
  • Next steps to further utilize Calendly's efficiency
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